Here is a picture of our son Jacob, taken on our summer vacation (His mother put that silly thing on his head  ) Notice the color of his right eye. This is late stage Coats' disease.



This is a picture of an eye affected with Coats' Disease. Notice the leaking blood vessels on the bottom right.







 Critical parts of the eye labeled.



This shows the portion of the retina that can be seen in an undilated eye versus a dilated eye. This is why Coats' disease cannot always be detected in an undilated eye. A comparatively small portion of the retina is visible.





This is a picture of Jake in March of 2004. Both eyes clearly have normal red reflex.




This is a picture of Jake 3 months later, in June of 2004. His right eye shows the effects of Coats' disease. This is an example of how quickly things can change.