More hospital links

From time to time, we get requests to provide links to a specific hospital or clinic that provides vision specific services. We are going to post links to those hospitals, but with one caveat. We have not had any experience with the hospitals or clinics, so we cannot recommend them, or offer an opinion of their services. As with any physician or hospital, you should do your own due diligence. As we have stated before, you are the best advocate for your child.

We have to begin with the Flaum Eye Institute. This was formerly known as the Eye Institute at the University of Rochester Medical Center. The Flaum Institute is where our son Jacob has been treated since his diagnosis of Coats' Disease in 2005. Both Dr. Mina Chung and Dr. David DiLoreto are outstanding physicians. I would recommend either of them to anyone in the Rochester, NY area.

The Flaum Eye Institute
210 Crittenden Boulevard, 3rd floor,
 Rochester, NY 14642

(585) 273-EYES

The Vision Center at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles was recommended to us by a Coats' Disease parent.  Dr. Thomas Lee is the director of the Retina Clinic. The contact information is below, and there is a great deal of information on their website.

The Vision Center at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
4650 Sunset Boulevard
P.O. Box 27980 Mailstop #88
Los Angeles, CA 90027-0980
Phone: (323) 361-2347
Fax: (323) 361-3524